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IFC in NYC Screening Ralph Bakshi Films

Exciting News!! New York - You guys get THREE months of Bakshi Films - THANK YOU IFC!

And I don't know who Max Goodman is that they are thanki8ng - but we love you Max for making this happen. Hope its a good turn out and you guys get to see the films how they are meant to be seen : ON THE BIG SCREEN!


Friday, June 28 - Sunday, August 11, 2024

“You know it’s working if you’re making movies you don’t want your mother to see.” – Ralph Bakshi

IFC Center pays tribute to the groundbreaking independent animator Ralph Bakshi with this series of seven rarely screened films, playing Fridays & Saturdays at midnight and Sunday evenings this summer. Among the program highlights are the controversial FRITZ THE CAT July 26-28, his noted LORD OF THE RINGS adaptation August 9-11, and 35mm screenings of COOL WORLD on July 12 and 13.

Special thanks to Max Goodman.


Current and Upcoming Films

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