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title. last days of coney Island

date. 1993

city. coney island


Writer, Director, Producer


Last Days of Coney Island is a 2015 American animated short film written, produced, directed and animated by Ralph Bakshi. The story concerns a NYPD detective, the prostitute he alternately loves and arrests, and the seedy characters that haunt the streets of New York City's run-down amusement district.


Ralph Bakshi had previously pitched the film to major studios such as Pixar and DreamWorks, but was unable to find anyone who wanted to take on the project. When technology began advancing to the point where Bakshi could begin the project on a lower budget, he decided to take on the project himself and produce it independently. A Kickstarter campaign was launched on February 1, 2013 to complete funding for the first short in the film. On March 3, the film was successfully funded and raised $174,195 from 1,290 backers. Last Days of Coney Island premiered on Ralph Bakshi's 77th birthday on October 29, 2015 on Vimeo.


Director: Ralph Bakshi
Producer: Ralph Bakshi, Eddie Bakshi, Adam Rackoff, Matthew Modine
Writer: Ralph Bakshi
Starring: Omar Jones, Libby Aubrey, Ron Thompson, Tina Romanus, Richard Singer, Jonathan Yudis, Robert Costanzo, Joey Camen
Music: Mark Taylor
Cinematography: Eddie Bakshi, Jess Gorell

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