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Over the course of 75 years, Ralph Bakshi has dedicated himself to the pursuit of fine art. From his early days in a Brooklyn tenement to his time in a NYC loft, Los Angeles, Upstate New York, and New Mexico, Bakshi's art studios have been as varied as his life experiences. Each circumstance has left its mark on his work, resulting in a body of art that is deeply personal and reflective of his unique perspective. We invite you to explore the artistic splendor of Ralph Bakshi's work and discover the beauty that lies within.


Bakshi's style is limitless.  From oils, pastels, acrylics, ink, watercolor to cement, wood, metal, nails, hammers, saws.  There has been a tremendous arc of style over a lifetime of exploration.  Absolutely nothing is off limits. 

1969 Ralph 115e9th NYC.tif


Ralph's subject matter covers everything from social/ political statements to the simple, internal character conversations between old friends.  We can view weeping willow trees and vast flower fields to abandoned city buildings and broken down circus trains.  From a fellow at the saloon in town today, to an old bodega owner in Brooklyn from the 50's.  Each has a full story to tell. Each piece of art is it's own tale - an entire storyline masterfully constructed by human hands on a single plane.  A Bakshi storyline - one you will never forget. 

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