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Went Live In the Studio with Bakshi

It was a little hilarious, intimidating, stupidifying (insta-knowledge wise), and self conscious (next time I will try really hard to not say a word - thats horrible having to hear yourself on playback...or is that just me?) on my part ... but went live on instagram with the RB man . It was a moment when he was playing with the background of a Big Little Guy, thinking about the guys jacket, the colors, the textures and the shadows.

I also know it may have been not so interesting. And then alternatively, some of you are requesting even more of this time in the studio. I would, if I had the balls to request inserting myself into the sacred space of an artist at a point when that space is as quiet and still and trance like as you might imagine on any normal day. And putting another energy in that space (mine, the phone, the camera, YOU watching) turns the space on its side. It creates a vacuum so to speak that changes EVERYTHING for an artist .... or for some artists...or maybe its very few, high maintenance, high demanding, private, particular artists. Or maybe its just for One Artist... and his daughter for some bizarre off-shoot reason. You see, I feel the difference IMMENSELY when I'm in the studio ....and we are both maybe working (this happens sometimes when I desperately need a space to draw and insist I am using the studio and sit down and ignore him no matter what he says).

Then there is a point when I know he has forgotten that I am there - because his movements become smoother with his paints and his brushes and his breathing becomes steadier. There becomes a flow that is not self conscious. A flow of smooth satisfaction, contemplation, rhythm. There is no longer a me irritating him or a him or the plants or the room. There is just the art. And time passes like that for hours and hours and hours. And the light changes. And the Art changes. And the stillness changes. And the music flows on and on and sometimes might even stop into silence. And the vaccuum is held. And it is beautiful. So me knowing that space... And then coming into it with camera and watching and the undulations of just being and shaking and aggravating - is a complete assault on everything Bakshi is in his studio. He doesn't want anyone watching. He doesn't want anyone commenting. He just doesn't care what all of us in the rest of the world think or judge of his work. He's had enough of that in life. He has spent a life criticized, judged, discussed, torn apart, threatened, stolen from, disappointed, critiqued. He has also spent a life applauded and celebrated - don't get me wrong. But it is the negative assaults that really tear a person down. And this fine art, this private art, this studio art that he has protected and cherished and sought haven in for the last 70 of his 85 years.... is sacred to him.

So....yeah... Im not going to disturb this sacred space too much - because every moment in his studio to him is a god given gift of pure peace - and even though I want to record it all - he and his process and his mind and his art are more important to me than my little inst-art page and wanting to share it with the world and get more "views" (which yes - I wish I knew how to do that too lol.) I love that I created a Bakshi art page to share with you his true Art. And I love that some of you can enjoy it. And appreciate it. Because this Bakshi man - while he is a great animator, he is a fucking brilliant artist. And I can only hope one day you all will be able to view the pure scope and wide breadth of his 70 years of Art ... some day. Until then - I thought I should try and post here the little clip I did - for you folks that are not on Instagram Art page . Enjoy.

'JOEY'. ROUGH 12 X 18

JOEY - FINAL 12 X 18


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1 Comment

Richard Trovato
Richard Trovato
Nov 13, 2023

This is always very enjoyable! Thank you for sharing!

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