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Guys & Gals-  Bakshi Book Three

Guys & Gals- Bakshi Book Three


About the Book:

Bakshi's  Little Guys and Gals ... Welcome to a stream of Bakshi's subconscious.


Each original Little Guy and Gal character comes to life through these portraits.    From all walks of life - every corner, every season, every town, every city.... here they are.  Bakshi brings these people to life with such joy - an occasional murmur - outrght belly laughs - shouts - memories flowing.    From Bakshi's world straight to yours.  A sliver of Bakshi-Land for you to be with for a bit. 




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  • Details

    • Project Option: 8×10 in, 20×25 cm
      # of Pages: 48
    • ISBN
      • Softcover: 9798211994799
      • Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9798211994805
    • Publish Date: Sep 04, 2022
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